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Writing Results: A Place

The Writing Prompt: In 200 words, write a description of a place. You can use any and all sensory descriptions but sight: you can describe what it feels like, sounds like, smells like and even tastes like. Try to write the description in such a way that people will not miss the visual details.

Waihe’e by Chris C.

The air turns green in the bamboo grove where the wind and water swap sounds. Lau ti wrapped rocks are traded for safe passage. Safe passage through over the rocks and through the wet jungle tucked up against the jagged fingers of mossy rocks. Slippers slick with pungent old leaves, cold water, mud and debris make the walk longer and the cliff-side trails seem so much steeper. Two swinging bridges, hooked to old stone bases by steel wires, seem like they’ve been built by sheer will to get to the other side of deep jagged rock river beds. Out here, our legs aren’t stick thin and floppy awkward, and our bodies are the same stuff as clinging trees. We laugh and complain, feel fear in the darker parts of the jungle and take turns carrying each other across knee-deep puddles. Up in Waihe’e is a cold-water pool under the concrete irrigation dam. Away from dull classes or workaday boredom, we take turns leaping from the platforms and swinging from the slick, frayed rope; we swim behind the waterfall and through it, the air turned to lightning and the myna birds laughing in the guava, like always.

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