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What Support For WITS Can Do

At the WITS Anthology Release Party & Fundraiser, we had hundreds of small cupcakes with circular flags stuck into their frosting. Each flag was printed on one side with “Thanks to your donation…” and the other side had a short, specific example of what a donation to the WITS program can facilitate.

For those who wondered how many different flags there were, we had 16 different sayings. Here’s the list:

Abby had a community leader as a mentor for her college essays.

Juwan saw Edwidge Danticat speak.

Kathy’s class met the author of their assigned novel.

Miles performed his slam poetry at Wordstock.

Natasha saw Margaret Atwood at the Schnitzer.

Christina published her poem and won a prize for it.

Billy was featured on OPB’s Think Out Loud.

Nuwo wrote an essay about nuns in Africa.

Anna was published in the Oregonian.

Jabari read his poem at Talking Drum books.

Angel read Isabel Allende’s book and then saw her at the Schnitzer.

Bronson Enos read his poem to an audience of 2,300 people.

Mohad got to meet Greg Mortenson.

Natasha Trethewey visited Madison High School.

Frankie read her story at Annie Bloom’s Books.

Hundreds of commuters read Talisha’s poem every day.

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