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Student Submission: Back in ‘Nam by Thomas B.

Back in ‘Nam by Thomas B.

The orange I Wear
Shows no color.
I don’t know if He is
Alive or Dead
Out of state or In.
But what I do know is that I can’t Eat or Sleep.
I can’t Speak right
When he’s not Around.
The words I speak
Leave me incomplete.
The crystal clear speeches that usually seep out
Of my cave like mouth
Come jumbled, in a trance
I can’t think straight
Or remember what I did this weekend.
I’ve been tweaking out but I know it’s not ADHD
I’ve been checked for that.
I got a fortune and
“A day of disappointment awaits.”
You got to love him
He speaks the words of a true poet

I hope Nate’s okay
Without him I am destroyed.
I’m incomplete
I love him
In brotherly way
As I met him
Spring came early
He is most like me.
The gracious professionalism of mother and father
Couldn’t have made a better creation
Mother and father of a bird in Distress
Always caresses me when I’m over
The dwindling of the threads called my mind
Leave me in a predicament
My lifelong quest
All in all he truly is my best friend
I hope he is okay
*Sorry Phelan

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