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WITS Reading for Roosevelt High School

Friends, family, teachers, and WITS writers packed Cathedral Coffee on a Wednesday afternoon for the end-of-residency reading and celebration. Depending on which WITS writer each student worked with, they presented a different genre: poetry, playwriting, or storytelling. The poets were from Renee Mitchell’s class and worked with WITS writer James Gendron. The playwrights were from Matt Boyer and Shawn Swanson’s classes, and they worked with WITS writer Jeffy Denight.  At least two students performed in each dramatic piece, which all contained charged emotions and plot twists. Mr. Swanson also wrote a piece, which his students performed. The storytellers were from Melissa Kennybrew’s class, and they worked with WITS writer Arthur Bradford. None of the storytellers used notes (we were very impressed) and told stories of injuries, sucesses on tests, and Mrs. Kennybrew told a highly entertaining story about meeting her husband, who was also in the audience. 

We want to thank Cathedral Coffee for continuing to be a great space for these readings, and to thank everyone who participated. It was a lovely reading and we’re so happy that everyone had a great time! 

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