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Kids & Family Events at #PDXBookFest 2021

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Storytime: What Is Love?

Watch author Mac Barnett and illustrator Carson Ellis in this warm, laugh-filled storytime and conversation with Emily Arrow. This recorded conversation is available to view on-demand, anytime in the video library at pdxbookfest.org


A tender, funny tale celebrating all forms of love from award-winning and bestselling author-illustrator duo Mac Barnett and Carson Ellis.“What is love?” a young boy asks. “I can’t answer that,” his grandmother says, and so the boy goes out into the world to find out. But while each person he meets—the fisherman, the actor, and others—has an answer to his question, not one seems quite right. Could love really be a fish, or applause, or the night? Or could it actually be something much closer to home?

The Illustrated Encyclopedia
of the Elements

Get your science on with author and artist Lisa Congdon in conversation with Lindsey Murphy.
Lisa and Lindsey discuss making art, their favorite elements, and so much more. This recorded conversation is available to view on-demand, anytime in the video library at pdxbookfest.org. 


A gorgeous nonfiction book for kids from bestselling artist and author Lisa Congdon! The Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Elements leads young readers in an exploration of all 118 known elements.From their discoveries to their uses to their special properties, this vibrant book explores all things elements. This artful survey of the elements combines science, history, trivia, humor, and endless fascination for science enthusiasts of every age. Middle grade readers will delight in this interesting take on the periodic table of elements.

Join live storytimes, presented in partnership with Multnomah County Library

Storytime: We Laugh Alike / Juntos nos reímos

A story that’s part Spanish, part English, and a whole lot of fun!

Six kids are ready to play: three speak English. Y tres hablan español [and three speak Spanish]. But all of them laugh alike and together! This clever playground adventure weaves together bilingual Spanish and English conversations, so two groups of children can express similar thoughts in their own languages.

Join author Carmen T. Bernier-Grand and Multnomah County Library youth librarian Natasha Forrester Campbell for this fun-filled virtual storytime. Free to attend! Register online to receive access information at multcolib.org.


A brand new barrier-breaking and friendship-affirming bilingual picture book from award-winning author Carmen T. Bernier-Grand (Diego: Bigger than Life). Three kids are playing at the park when three more arrive. The groups can’t understand each other because one trio speaks only English and the other only Spanish. But they can express similar thoughts in their own languages. Aquí interactúan el inglés y el español. Can they find a way to play? Of course they can! By watching each other, both groups learn that they are more alike than different and end up discovering new words and making new friends in this adventure propelled by clever integrated Spanish dialogue.

Stories with Friends: Ten Ways to Hear Snow

A snowy day, a trip to Grandma’s, time spent cooking with one another, and space to pause and discover the world around you come together in this perfect book for reading and sharing on a cozy winter day.

Join author Cathy Camper for this special Portland Book Festival edition of the Multnomah County Library’s Stories with Friends! Free to attend! Register online to receive access information at multcolib.org.


One winter morning, Lina wakes up to silence. It’s the sound of snow — the kind that looks soft and glows bright in the winter sun. But as she walks to her grandmother’s house to help make the family recipe for warak enab, she continues to listen.As Lina walks past snowmen and across icy sidewalks, she discovers ten ways to pay attention to what might have otherwise gone unnoticed. With stunning illustrations by Kenard Pak and thoughtful representation of a modern Arab American family from Cathy Camper, Ten Ways to Hear Snow is a layered exploration of mindfulness, empathy, and what we realize when the world gets quiet.

Looking for YA events?

We’ll host three YA events at the in-person festival day on Saturday, November 13, including the launch of the 2020-21 Writers in the Schools Student Anthology launch!

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