Soapstone Residencies Ending

Soapstone is discontinuing its residency program on December 31, 2010. Judith Barrington and Ruth Gundle began Soapstone in 1991. The message on the Soapstone web site states:

After six months of discussion, research, and many consultations with nonprofit professionals, the Soapstone Board has decided to end the residency program. Soapstone, however, will continue, and we are excited to consider new ways we can use Soapstone’s resources to support women writers

Soapstone has provided residencies to over 350 writers since 1998, and previous residents include Cheryl Strayed, Marjorie Sandor, Cecelia Hagen, Jessica Lamb and Barbara LaMorticella. We look forward to hearing about Soapstone’s next incarnation!

There’s another residency opportunity for writers in Oregon, from the H.J.Andrews Experimental Forest near Corvallis. The deadline to apply for Spring 2011 residences is December 1, 2010, and this is not a postmark deadline! Information on their web site includes:

Creative writers whose work in any genre reflects a keen awareness of the natural world and an appreciation for both scientific and literary ways of knowing are invited to apply for one-week residencies at the H.J.Andrews Experimental Forest. Residents are provided with a three-room apartment, which includes kitchen facilities, access to the forest research site, and a $250 stipend.

November 15th is the postmark deadline for application to the Oregon Arts Commission Career Opportunity Grant for Individual Artists. Applications are available on their web site and include this information:

Career Opportunity Grants support individual Oregon artists by enabling them to take advantage of unique opportunities to enhance their careers through the development of arts, business or professional skills; expanded marketing capacity and/or the further development of the nature or quality of their artwork.

Eligible artist applicants must be a current Oregon resident, 18 years or older, been an Oregon resident for one full year prior to the application deadline date, and not have received funding from the Oregon Arts Commission in the past twelve (12) months from the application deadline.

The program is open to both emerging and established artists. Career Opportunity Grants range from $300 to $1,500 depending on the scope and nature of the activity.

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