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Applying for an Oregon Literary Fellowship: Frequently Asked Questions

Friday, June 29, is the deadline to apply for an Oregon Literary Fellowship, and there’s no charge to apply. You can follow this link to find Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers!) about applying for an Oregon Literary Fellowship.
A few of them are listed below, and the rest of them can be found on our web site:

Do I have to be an Oregon resident to apply?
Yes, you must be a current, full-time Oregon resident, both at the time of application and of award.

What is the application fee?
Literary Arts does not charge an application or reading fee for the Oregon Literary Fellowships program.

May I send more than 25 pages of prose?

Should the writing sample be published or unpublished work?
You are encouraged to submit a writing sample that reflects your best work. It can be previously published, or unpublished.

Is it okay to send 25 pages of prose that are excerpts from a few different works, or does it need to be 25 pages of prose from one work?
Either is fine.

Some of my writing is prose and some of my writing is poetry. Can I submit both in one application?
You can only submit your application in one genre. If your application is a mixed genre, you will need to choose one genre to submit it in. Mixed genre applications are generally not recommended.

Is it okay to send manuscripts that are printed on both sides of the paper?
Yes, but please be aware that one page printed back to back counts as 2 pages.

May I send photocopies of my published pieces in magazines, instead of a manuscript?
Please submit your writing sample in typewritten, manuscript form.

Can I submit a book to the Oregon Book Awards and apply for a fellowship the same year?

If I submit for the women writer’s fellowship, do I submit two different manuscripts?
If you wish to be considered for the women writer’s fellowship, all that’s needed in addition to your regular application submission is the Women Writer’s Fellowship addendum form, which indicates you also wish to be considered for the women writers fellowship. You only submit one manuscript (3 copies).

Can I bring my application to Literary Arts in person?
Yes. You can turn in your application in person at our office at 925 SW Washington. We are open 9 to 5:00 p.m.

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