Oregon Literary Fellowship Recipient Brian Kettler

Brian Kettler

Brian Kettler is a 2012 Oregon Literary Fellowship recipient in drama.

Brian studied at the NationalTheater Institute at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center in Waterford, Connecticut and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Drama from Kenyon College. He works as a theater educator in Portland, Oregon and has served on the reading committee at Portland Center Stage.  His full-length plays In School Suspension and Personal were both featured in Portland Center Stage’s Made in Oregon Series.
When it comes to getting started Brian says: “I usually begin with one image and build a theatrical world around that image. A play should start as a small box, or peephole. As the story progresses, the box grows wider and wider, and by the end, the audience is able to take in a full, glorious picture.”

Morgan Jenness, the judge for drama, praised Brian’s work by saying:

“Brian Kettler’s plays are concerned with who we are as human beings, how we form relationships and how we express our hopes, fears and desires. He writes characters which are unique and bold in their individual personality elements and situations, but also believable and utterly compelling. His use of language is often poetic and rhythmic, however this does not feel like a writerly overlay but rather seems to spring from each individual characters own sense of image and meter. He has a delicious and acerbic sense of comedy, and can tackle cultural satire without losing a core sense of humanity that also can exist within that culture. His voice is unique and true to its own vision while also managing to be utterly accessible. Portland should be proud to be the artistic soil in which he has flourished and hope that his work will find a wider audience as well.”

Applications for the 2013 Oregon Literary Fellowships are due June 29, 2012. There is no charge to apply! Fellowships are awarded in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama and young readers literature. Fellowships are also offered for independent publishers. Fellowships will be awarded in the amount of $2500.

Fellowship applications can be found online at: https://literary-arts.org/oba-home/apply/fellowships/  

Or email Susan Denning, she will send you an application!

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