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Mead Hunter on the Willamette Writer’s Conference

We are busy getting ourselves ready to head out to Enterprise and Baker City on another Oregon Book Awards author tour. If you wonder how far that is from Portland, where we are, check out the map on the left. It’s kind of far! Highlighted part of the map, here we come!

So we are pleased to have Mead Hunter as a guest blogger, reporting on the Willamette Writer’s Conference. We are so pleased it makes us talk in the royal we! Repeatedly!

What’s exciting about this – in addition to his fabulous reportage – is Mead doesn’t even know he’s a guest blogger. We just made him one!
What that means, for you, the reader, is that you have to follow this link to read what Mead has to say. 
We think you’ll be glad you did.

One thought on “Mead Hunter on the Willamette Writer’s Conference

  1. PF, you are welcome to link to my various blogglings whenever you like. It’s the least I can do after stealing your playwrights banner from your OBA post last year!

    Thanks for the shout out.

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