Annie Proulx Meets With Local Writers

Annie Proulx appeared in Portland last Thursday as part of Portland Arts & Lectures. Friday morning, she met with a group of local writers, including past finalists and recipients of Oregon Book Awards and Oregon Literary Fellowships, to talk about writing fiction, getting published, and other aspects of the writing life.

Oregon Literary Fellowship recipient Norina Beck was in attendance and had this to say about the morning:

“In person Annie Proulx was as generous and wry as her prose. She made an effort to connect with each of us. She asked about our work, seeming as interested in us as we were in her. We talked about the future of publishing, the importance of curiosity, and the opportunity for human research offered by ordinary places such as airports and bus stops. “I write because it pleases me,” she told us, admitting that she has never considered herself a ‘writer.’ “I am a reader,” she told us, explaining that everything a writer needs to learn can be discovered by reading. “Read everything,” she told us, going on to describe her voluminous collection of books, including everything from plumbing manuals and pamphlets, to the classics. Leaving the discussion, I felt inspired and recharged. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet with Ms. Proulx, one of my literary heros.”

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